Hoa Sen University collect information on climate change challenges


Created: July 20


Living Deltas Hub project team together with the students from Service-Learning - Building Green Community course, students major in Natural Resources and Environment Management participated in data collection.


By Oanh Truong Thi Kim


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Tidal River Management (TRM) schemes in southwest Bangladesh


Created: June 20


Cyclone Amphan struck the Bay of Bengal on 21st of May 2020 causing extensive flooding of cultivated land across the Ganges and Brahmaputra delta.


By Cai ladd + Emilie Crémin


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Bangladesh Scoping Visit




Created: April-20


My first trip to Bangladesh is memorable because I have experienced so many new things.


By Hue Nguyen




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Gosaba Community Development Block in the time of lockdown


Created: Mar-20


The lockdown in India owing to COVID-19 began on March 24, 2020 with March 22, 2020 declared as a curfew day.


By Sumana banerjee + Tuhin Ghosh



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Scoping trip to the Sundarbans, India


Created: Nov-19


November 2019 saw UK and Indian partners embark on the final scoping trip of the Living Deltas Hub.


By Heather Moorhouse



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Bangladesh scoping visit August 2019


Created: Sept-19


Living Deltas aims to co-develop our research with local communities and policy makers.


By Suzanne McGowan




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Mekong Delta Fieldwork


Created: July-19


Between the 1st and 9th July 2019 I joined a number of UK and Vietnamese colleagues in the Mekong Delta,


By Virginia Panizzo



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