Focuses on 3 major deltas in Asia:
The Red River, The Mekong  & The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna


The aims are to safeguard delta futures through

more resilient communities and sustainable development






Our Work Packages

1. Focuses

on heritage, livelihoods and delta living, and builds shared narratives of pasts, presents and alternative futures

2. Aims

to provide robust characterization and integrated risk-assessments of deltaic social-ecological systems

4. Develops

delta-level interventions to respond
to and mitigate against foreseeable coastal sys
tem tipping points

6. Oversees

capacity-building and capacity-sharing towards better SDG attainment in our target delta social-ecological systems

5. Delivers

a natural and cultural
heritage-sensitive, delta-specific
SDG monitoring framework


3.  Quantifies

how human impacts are changing deltas, and the consequences for natural and cultural heritage. Tools will be developed to communicate the status of delta ecosystem health

Now, more than ever, the world is facing
challenges that need a collective response

Interdisciplinary  Research

Areas of Focus

A Global Challenge

Now more than ever the world is facing challenges that need a collective response.


We are living in a globally inter-connected world where everything from climate change, pandemics and employment to conflict, water security and mass migration are linked and impact us all. The UK Government’s answer to some of the world’s most pressing challenges is 12 new Global Interdisciplinary Research Hubs which seek to develop creative and sustainable solutions to make the world, and the UK, safer, healthier and more prosperous.

We focus on : the Red River, Mekong and the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna.


The UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Hub will operate
on a model of equitable partnerships with delta-dwellers and the research community working together. We will develop new knowledge and policies to safeguard delta futures through more resilient communities and sustainable development.

The GCRF harnesses the expertise of the UK’s world-leading researchers.


Working in tandem with their global research partner networks, focusing on: challenge-led, disciplinary and interdisciplinary research; strengthening capability for research, innovation and knowledge exchange; providing agile response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need.

Our 4 Goals





More equitable (gender, youth, women) livelihoods for delta dwellers

Better local and national policies for delta sustainability

Stronger local to regional monitoring toward sustainable development

Sustainable management of delta landscapes

5 Year example deliverables

Delta-specific, indicator-based SDG assessment framework to support vulnerable and marginalised groups


Low cost, stakeholder-driven, data-collection systems


Innovative Delta Health Index for environmental planning and governance


Delta level interventions to achieve sustainable coastal systems


Participatory capacity-building frameworks (communities, NGOs, authorities)





Prof Andy Large

PI and Hub Director



Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6342



Room 3.79

Daysh Building

University of Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne